Lighting Fly


Get started

An overview of Lighting Fly, what is inside, file structure, how to use and download.


Base knowledge of SCSS and CSS 3 is required.


Learn SCSS:
Learn CSS 3:

What is iniside?

Inside the Lighting Fly you will find SCSS mixins for prefix-free using CSS3, mixins for browser fallbacks and other predesigned features. All mixins are categorized into modules.

List of modules

File structure

Modules are separated into following file structure.

  ├── modules/
  │   ├── _animations.scss
  │   ├── _backgrounds.scss
  │   ├── _borders.scss
  │   ├── _helpers.scss
  │   ├── _layout.scss
  │   ├── _transforms.scss
  │   ├── _transitions.scss
  └── _lighting_fly.scss

How to

All you have to do is this:

  • download Lighting Fly library
  • unpack archive to your project (best location is where your SCSS files are.)
  • import Lighting Fly to your main .scss file
  • that is all, now you can start using Lighting Fly mixins.


Get latest stable version of Lighting Fly